A road trip along the
Costa del Sol

[A journey to eternal youth that
you'll want to experience again and again]

A captivating and intense declaration of love, not just for a destination, but for a whole way of feeling.

Who hasn't dreamed
about such a trip?

Grita mi nombre is a road trip along the Costa del Sol that goes beyond mere geography. An experience full of corners to discover, shared moments and genuine emotions. A manifesto that conveys the vitality, joy and talent found on the Costa del Sol, which steps outside the conventional narrative and makes this land unique, different and vibrant.


A journey where creators and travelers come together to breathe new life into a unique brand.

The agencies NARITA and DISPAR led this differentiating campaign with the aim of repositioning the Costa del Sol through a journey full of local talent, including the young musician Desmelenao, who created the music for the campaign, the singer Rocío López, known as “La Boterita”, and José Manuel Benítez, principal dancer of the Spanish National Ballet.

The campaign's creative concept is built around the song “Queriendo flojito” by Desmelenao, transformed into a love song from the land to its visitors, introducing the Costa del Sol as much more than a geographical location, but rather a land rich in talent, energy and youth.

A destination with a fascinating past, a vibrant present and an inspiring future.

Costa del Sol, more than 60 years as Spain's leading tourist destination

Turismo y Planificación Costa del Sol, a public company under the Provincial Council of Malaga, is responsible for promoting the province as a tourist destination.

With 9 regions, 103 municipalities and more than 1.6 million inhabitants across its rich geography, the Costa del Sol offers countless possibilities all year round, including cultural, sports and gastronomic tourism, as well as a wide variety of inland, nature and sun and beach tourist activities.